1. Like the Eight Immortals

    In some way a KWC 92 offshoot –
    A family lineage, 1952–2181, Ying Ying is at the centre.

    15 june – 15 july 2017
    L’Ascensore, Palermo
    by Lap-See / Karin / Thomas

    Like the Eight Immortals – Lap-See / Karin / Thomas – L'Ascensore Palermo


  2. Landing Strip 6

    October 14 2016

    Syson Gallery
    17–19 Weekday Cross,
    Nottingham NG1 2GB

    As part of Mould Map 6: Terraformers at Bonnington Gallery


  3. Landing Strip 5

    Will open for one night on April 23 2016
    At Portikus, Frankfurt

    From the hour of 19:00 until 02:00


  4. KWC 92 – Iran

    Tangents flying out all over the place.
    New 12″ from KWC 92. Less L-v-L than last time, but still a bit.
    Released by L.I.E.S. March 2016.

    KWC' 92 – Iran

  5. KWC 92 – Dream of the Walled City O.S.T.

    The O.S.T. to Dream of the Walled City (see: KWC 92, Landing Strip etc) by Samo DJ and Maxxxbass will be released in November 2013 on 12″ by L.I.E.S.

    Available from all reputable sources.



  6. Landing Strip 4

    Will be open at STRCamp
    “Ereliukas” near Moletai, Lithuania
    The nights of 12 & 13 July 2013

  7. Sling & Samo «T.H.I.N.K.I.N.G»

    L-v-L Triptych:
    Video by TBC. Modelling by HTL. Singing by TWB.

    Released on Born Free Records release “Karaoke Band”

  8. Hound Love «Hound Love»

    Hound Love make pop music based on bittersweet emotions of greed and desire for more. The group consists of vocalist Kicki Halmos and the production/DJ-team Sling & Samo.

  9. Jaakko Eino Kalevi «Chamber of Love»

    Released on Sling & Samo’s Born Free Records

  10. K.W.C. ’92

    A new book, written in collaboration with Chan is now available.

    L-v-L – K.W.C. '92

    Facsimile of a screenplay, written for TV.
    An extension of the Landing Strip project.

    More information here.